Sunday, February 17, 2008

Favorite Songs 1998 - February 2008

Loyal BFDH readers (of which there should be none) know that there are few things i enjoy more than rankings. From NCAA basketball, year-end music lists and, yes sadly, even my friends I've delineated just about everything that I hold dear through numerical ranking. So last week when William Sea (who, in case you missed it at Why, Justin, Why? has some new hits online) offhandedly suggested that I should join him in compiling a list of my 100 favorite songs of the past 10 years there was no question that I'd waste several hours on the task.

A couple of preliminary problems:
a) What do I know?
b) How can you compare songs across musical genres?
c) How have my feelings changed about the music I loved 7-10 years ago?
d) Upon completion, will I be too ashamed about all the time wasted?

In response to the concerns above I utilized Chev Vil's methodology, the spreadsheet format. As you can see I rated the songs on lyrical content, vocal performance and musical impact (a vague assesment of musical innovation, booty-shaking beat, tear-inducing melancholy and guitar virtuosity). These three characteristics were then averaged.

I began by combing the internet for year-by-year lists of album releases and flagging those that contained tracks deserving of a rating. I compiled a list of these tracks and ranked them in order of year of release. I built upon this lengthy list with an alphabetical run-through on my ipod.

Reviewing the list I'm embarrassed by many of the artists I forgot ( The Magnetic Fields, The New Pornographers, Pavement, Built To Spill, countless female artists). Let any deserved lambasting begin.

I will say that I greatly enjoyed the process & I'm open to another large scale project. Any suggestions??

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Unexpected Nausea

This made me a sick to my stomach. Watch til at least the 90 mark. Any similar reactions?